Protection & Indemnity Vessel Diversion Expenses A Crew, Passengers & Other Persons Loss Of Life, Injury & Illness Cargo Loss, Shortage Or Damage Damage To Docks, Buoys, & Other Fixed & Floating Objects Damage To Property On Board The Inssured Vessel Vessel's Proportion of General Average Unrecoverable General Average Contributions Crew Repatriation & Substitution Wreck Removal, Fines & Penalties Collison, Pollution & Quarantine

Protection & Indemnity (P&I)

Protection and Indemnity is insurance in respect of third party liabilities and expenses arising from owning ships or operating ships as principals. The forerunners of P&I clubs were mutual hull clubs which were first formed at the beginning of the 18th century by ship-owners in England to ensure hull risks on a non-profit making basis, so as to avoid paying the high premiums charged by the market insurers at that time. We provide representation for the Protection and Indemnity Clubs and their ship-owners/charter members, to whom the clubs provide cover against third party claims.

Our compact and highly skilled team enables us to focus more effectively on our clients’ needs. We in Pakistan represent 38 major and minor P & I Clubs of the world, including the 12major clubs, which are located mainly in Europe and have a major portion of world tonnage.

The main risks covered are liabilities, expenses, & costs for:

  • Loss of life, injury, and illness of crew, passengers and other persons
  • Cargo loss, shortage or damage
  • Collision
  • Damage to docks, buoys and other fixed and floating objects
  • Wreck removal
  • Pollution
  • Fines and penalties
  • Mutiny and misconduct by the crew
  • Crew repatriation and substitution
  • Damage to property on board the insured vessel
  • Quarantine
  • Vessel Diversion Expenses
  • Unrecoverable General Average contributions
  • Vessel’s proportion of General Average

Correspondents Activity

As a correspondent we act as representatives of the P&I Club locally, assisting the insured party when the P&I Club needs to be active in Pakistani ports, or if members would like to utilize our local contacts, for example in order to contract cargo inspections.

The strength of the P&I Club consists of its being able to provide members with qualified support in nearly every country and port in the world, with no time or effort lost due to linguistic or mentality-based barriers. With our excellent contacts, we are able to support ship owners and their representatives on board with words and deeds & to make sure that their interests are safeguarded.

Marine Claims Handling

Unfortunately, claims are unavoidable in the shipping and transport industry. In order to provide good service in the event of claims, we take care of your claims from claim notification to settlement. With our expertise and our contacts, we can ensure that the claim is minimized and that your interests are safeguarded at all times. We at the claims team are available to assist you,

Our claims handling service with dedicated process owners and specialist teams for each claims area are capable of handling the increasingly complex claims arising out of global shipping. We have a strong focus on knowledge sharing and our expertise is strengthened further by sharing knowledge and expertise across a wide range of insurance covers and products. GLServices claims handlers work together with their colleagues in the Hull & Machinery team to ensure the best possible outcome in complex casualties. We focus on being pragmatic, un-bureaucratic and “hands-on” in our approach to claims handling. Our experience enables us to stay focused on finding the best solution for our Principals; we draw on in-house specialists whenever necessary, irrespective of business area or geographic location. We have 60 professional claims staff across 5 offices countrywide, offering their knowledge and expertise in support of our Principals / their Member’s and clients where and when they need it; whether it is a provision of Club LOUs, on-site attendance, timely and accurate advice; or simply prompt settlement of the claim. You can rely on us!


The settlement of premiums and claim payments requires absolute reliability and has to meet all international quality standards, by managing premium collection accounts, loss accounts, and the business account, all cash flows are kept transparent and comprehensible.

Support for Third Party Damages

For companies in the maritime sector that have not placed their insurance through us, we offer an extensive and individually customized claim management solution. If your company has its own claims department, we can support you competently and effectively. Or we can take on the entirety of your claims management. That decision is for you to make. In the event of claims, with our experience and expertise, we can achieve optimal results for you – while you concentrate on your core business.


Shipping has been our core forte since the inception of the firm. We understand the technical issues and that the devil is in the detail so there is no learning curve when we represent Principals. We have been extensively instructed by almost all International Group P & I Club & other fixed premium clubs.

Our maritime lawyers have a sound understanding of how the market works across dry shipping, admiralty and crisis management, and transactional work. We represent the full spectrum of those involved in the industry, including shipowners and charterers, P&I Clubs, banks, international agencies, shipyards, marine insurance underwriters, the various limbs of the government and brokers.

We have a large clientele in the Greek, Korean, Singaporean, Chinese and Japanese markets. The matters we handle include charter parties, bills of lading, other carriage contracts, shipbuilding and construction contracts, seafarer employment and personal injury, marine insurance. We have been involved on virtually every major maritime casualty in Pakistan in recent years, so we know how to handle the practical issues on dealing with the Pakistan maritime administration as we regularly advise them on an entire gamut of issues.

This includes work on collisions, salvage, wreck removal, total loss, piracy and terrorism, oil pollution and other environmental damage. Additionally, regularly handle complex personal injury, death compensation claims. In addition, we provide extensive advice on the Pakistan regulations governing the maritime sector, including (but not limited to) various regulations promulgated by the office of the Director General of Shipping (Ministry of Shipping) dealing with various facets of shipping, cabbage regulations, implementation of the Maritime Labor Convention, etc.

Range Of Services

P&I Correspondence:

Global Logistics Services Int’l, as P&I Club Correspondents, tries its utmost to reduce the exposure of the Principals / their Members for any cargo claims, be it solid or liquid bulk cargo. We suggest and advise the most effective protective measures available by ullaging / draft surveys, loading surveys/tallies, discharge surveys/tallies and preliminary hatch opening reports because of our competent and cost effect surveyors, who also attend courts related to these matters.

 At  Global Logistics Services Int’l, we have a vast and proven experience dealing with loss or damage to all type of cargoes, funeral and repatriation services; assistance with stowaways and refugees; loss of life and personal injury, arrangements and supervision/assessment of hospital & medical; contamination; governmental fines, particularly those imposed by the customs authority; General Average, and collection of bonds; loss or damage to ships, docks, piers, and others fixed or floating objects and general claims related to P&I, FD&D, and H&M cover.  With our extensive experience, we consider ourselves highly qualified/competent for the main categories of cover ordinarily available from our principals:

    • Loss, shortage, or damage to cargo
    • Loss of damage to third party property other than cargo
    • Pollution
    • Legal costs in defending the third-party claim
    • Damage to fixed and floating objects and to other property
    • Collision with other vessels

Death, illness, and personal injury to crew, passengers, and other persons on board

  • Stowaways and refugees / Persons saved at sea
  • Fines and penalties

A few of our specialized services are as under:

  • Cargo Disputes / Claims

We have the right set of experienced personnel, who are fully aware of the risks and inherent vices of this region. Our resources, connections, and knowledge of the Government’s SRO / other related literature for solid bulk and other cargoes give us an edge over others, in our ability to fully safeguard the interests of our Principals / their Assured.In order to protect the P&I Club’s / Members’ rights and interests and if instructed, Global Logistics Services Int’l would:

    • Appoint qualified / competent surveyors, who would investigate the cause/extent of damage/shortage/ excess and attempt to use their resources/connections to somehow minimize, if not totally eradicate the discrepancy.
    • Obtain copies of documents relating to the load port reports or any other papers of relevance.
    • Provide advice on how to resolve the matter, while continuing to negotiate with the aggrieved parties, to somehow reach an early conclusion, with the least possible delay to the vessel.
    • Arrange surety/security, even personal guarantees, if the need arises, to ensure that the vessel does not miss her next assignment and no losses are incurred by the good Members of our Principals.


When a real or alleged pollution incident occurs, Global Logistics Services Int’l immediately alerts the vessel’s P&I Club and obtains as much information as possible from the agent and the Master and all interested parties. In order to preserve the P&I Club’s / Members’ rights and interests, Global Logistics Services Int’l would:

      • Appoints a qualified/competent surveyor to investigate the cause/extent of the pollution and arrange a clean-up operation, is possible.
      • Samples are obtained from the vessel’s cargo bunkers and from the oil spill if the situation permits.
      • Copies of documents relating to the ballasts, maintenance, etc are also obtained from the Master for record purposes.
      • Efforts to minimize the pollution are made by the Correspondent and the surveyor, in tandem, so as to fully safeguard the interests of the principals.

Crew Members’ Personal Injury / Death

Global Logistics Services Int’l can arrange for the disembarkation of any sick, injured, or deceased crew member. In collaboration with the ship’s agents, the relevant hospitalization and/or medical arrangements are made. Hospitalized crew members are visited, and we ensure that they are able to speak to their families and are as comfortable as possible. Food, clothes, toiletries, and medicine are provided as required. A full report concerning the condition of the crew members and the estimated medical and general repatriation costs is provided to the Club/Owner.

If unfortunately, a crew member’s death occurs, Global Logistics Services Int’l has the expertise of handling all formalities of contacting the Consulate / Embassy, arranging an autopsy, obtaining a noncontagious report, death certificate, managing the paperwork and information sharing with the authorities including but not limited to the FIA, Immigration, Intelligence Bureau, etc. and can ensure the repatriation of the remains under escort in the earliest possible timeframe, to ease the grief of the next of kin. Should a claim be lodged against the insured/P&I Club, our highly qualified panel of maritime lawyers with their experience and local knowledge are available to negotiate, coordinate and give their opinions.

Dealing with Stowaway cases

Global Logistics Services Int’l has the relevant expertise and connections to immediately contact the concerned Port and Government Authorities in the event of the stowaway being found onboard the vessel and arrange for repatriation without the slightest of delays. We are fully aware of the formalities that are entailed in the repatriation of the stowaways and can accordingly assist the Master in completing the disembarkation formalities with the authorities on board the vessel, apart from interviewing the stowaway(s) in order to ascertain the probable nationality(ies). We can use our resources/connections and with the assistance of the local Police, can then disembark and escort the stowaway(s) to a police station pending further investigations and instructions for repatriation.

Port Operations:

Our expertise in providing consultancy for cargo damage/contamination investigation has no parallel. We conduct surveys for project /high-value cargoes, including risk assessment prior to any shipment. We employ and are staffed by a well-balanced team of highly qualified professionals with years of working experience. Our operations staff consists of Master Mariners / Chief Engineers with far-reaching sea-going experience and competence, fully capable and well versed in handling the following:

      • Damage to Ship (Tankers, Bulkers & Container Ships)
      • Damage to Hull & Machinery / Third Party Liability.
      • Damage to Cargo (Liquid Cargo, Dry Cargo & Air Cargo).
      • Ships Collision. · Underwater survey.
      • Charterers Liability.
      • Stevedore damage

To give an overview, the following professionals are a part of the operations team at Global Logistics services Int’l, and their experience is utilized in the best manner possible to provide the best of services to our principals / their good Members.

      • Capt. Syed Zafar Ul Hasan Kazmi, Master Mariner
      • Capt. Syed Hasan Akhtar Zaidi, Master Mariner Sailing on Super Tankers since 1992 till date. Surveyor on General / Bulk Cargo Vessels.
      • Syed Tehzeeb Hussain Zaidi, Chief Engineer
      • Abdul Khaliq Thakur, Chief Engineer Sailing on VLCCs (Product / Crude / Chemical) Sailing on General / Bulk Cargo Vessels

In addition to our in-house surveyors, we would also appoint surveyors from an extensive network of marine surveying firms for various assignments, based on the requirements.

Legal Consultancy:

The company also is a legal correspondent has at hand professional legal services, specializes in Admiralty Cases & can handle all aspects of personal injury cases, including repatriation/compensation matters of the crew injured at sea. The team comprises of fully qualified/experienced attorneys, with complete knowledge of handling marine cases and has a proven record of accomplishment in managing cases for a vast clientele of Principals. The team has a modern, dynamic & business-oriented practice, providing the highest quality & effective legal services. The advocates & corporate legal advisers at Global Logistics Services Int’l have been providing specialist services in the past to a wide range of our domestic & international clients. The areas of business that the legal team of Global Logistics Services Int’l would cater to our corporate, civil/commercial litigation, maritime, real estate, rent, employment, and transport & insurance. Whilst we are primarily organized all-around specialists, our lawyers are willing to collaborate on any transaction to provide a reliable legal solution for our principals. Our distinguishing factor is the desire to maintain personalized service for our principals, with the utmost focus on Customer Satisfaction. Our lawyers have been independently recognized among the nation’s finest lawyers and Global Logistics Services Int’l would be expanding its horizons internationally, while simultaneously maintaining extensive associate ties with other leading law firms.

Survey & Tally


Well experienced and qualified Surveyors, undertake the following surveys/inspections at Global Logistics Services Int’l, Karachi.

  • Nautical and Engineering Consultancy.
  • Pre-Insurance / Club’s pre-entry Condition Surveys of all types & sizes of vessels.
  • Hull and Machinery Surveys of all types & sizes of vessels.
  • Recommendations and Supervision of Repairs of Hull and Machinery.
  • Third-Party Damages including damages to Port Facilities such as Jetty / Quay, Fixed and Floating Objects.
  • Oil Pollution Cases.
  • Injuries / Death investigations of Ships Crew of the third party.
  • On / Off-Hire Surveys of all types & sizes of vessels.
  • Deadweight & Draught Surveys.
  • Inspection of Ship’s Cargo Spaces for fitness for loading Bulk or Bagged Cargoes.
  • Recommendation & verification of Securing & Lashing of various cargoes on board.
  • Cubic Measurements of several types of Cargoes.
  • Cargo Condition Survey during Discharging & Pre-Loading of Bulk, General & Bagged Commodities.

We carry out a tally for ships loading different commodities in bags. Global Logistics Services Int’l has highly skilled personnel inducted in this division, who are well experienced/competent in managing such technicalities.